Regeneration Magazine top 10 of 2002

Null Device – Sublimation
The quintessential album from a band that is poised to revolutionize synthpop. Sublimation proves that if you break from formulaic songwriting, good things happen.

Android Lust – The Dividing
Start with a drum loop and mix in harpsichord, electric guitars, flutes and a plethora of other sounds. Oh, and don't forget one of the most unforgettable voices on records today.

In Strict Confidence – Mistrust the Angels
In no fewer than three languages, ISC reminds us what industrial music is all about – well produced, wide-ranging machine grit with an edge.

Neuroticfish – Les Chansons Neurotiques
I dare you not to move to this album. If there is any one album this year that combined extremely good lyrics with highly danceable and tight programming, this is it. – Dataseed
The boys from this band have the best lyrics in the business, bar none. Political, emotional and danceable – with an extra-special appearance from Victoria Lloyd – Dataseed made us both think and dance.

Red Flag – Codebreaker T133
These guys go way back and they continue to make excellent music. The best poppy album of the year, it will make you wonder what female vocalist joined them on one song.

Boole – Pheromones
The surprise of the year! Pheromones went all over the board with its craziness. The political sonic collage “America Inline” alone makes this album a top choice.

Imperative Reaction – Ruined
A remarkable album from some of the most genuine musicians. Phelps and company brought us raw emotions and refined programming that went above and beyond their previous undertakings.

Assemblage 23 – Defiance
Both highly touted and highly praised, this album exceeded almost all expectations. Defiance maps the evolution of Tom Shear in perfect clarity and charts a path into unexplored synth territory.

Covenant – Northern Light
Some of us feared this great Swedish band would lose their creative trajectory upon signing to Sony. To our delight, they proved us wrong with a streamlined major label release that remained true to the tastes of the scene.

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