Album progress, 7/29/03

Amidst the live shows, a few remixes, the re-engineering of the studio, and this pesky day job, work on “A Million Different Moments” proceeds apace. We’re close now – just a few more tweaks and we’re ready to go.

We’re at the point where we’re picking people to do the mastering and working on the cover art.

It’s not going to be 14 tracks this time, though. Only 12. We’ve got guest musicians, too. Dan Clark, our live axe-man, brings the funk to “Easier” and powers through “Prevailing Winds”, Heather O’Brien adds backing vocals to “Easier” and acoustic guitar to “Walk in London”, and the enigmatic Orkestra Evdeyim drops some strings on “Travelogue.” I also learned some basic skills on the dumbek and tar (two types of middle eastern drums) and the duduk (an armenian double-reed instrument)

Tentative tracklist:
Destinies And Symmetries
The Hourglass
Prevailing Winds
Walk in London
Someone Else
Travelogue (versiyon Türk)

Like the last album, it’s a little of everything. Rock, funk, pop, dance, ambient, world. We’re hoping for an october release.