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I Probably Know You (Better Than You Think I Do)


Spectres from the past
come back to haunt you
filling you with bitterness and pain
feelings of regret
come back to taunt you
You want to piece your life
back together again

I probably know you better
than you think I do
I probably know you better
than you’d like
I probably know you better
than you think I do
You possibly know me better
than I’d like

I know how it feels
the endless frustration
You want to make the world just go away
I’ve been there myself
in your situation
You wake up with confusion
every day.

Feelings linger on
they’ll never vanish
we wonder when our trials are at an end
where do you turn
in those moments of panic?
Turn to me
your lover
your confessor
your friend.

[EO] The title is reminiscent of the Pet Shop Boys, which while predating “I Don’t Know What You Want But I can’t Give It Anymore”, it was probably at least subconsicously inspired by “This Must Be The Place I’ve Waited Years To Leave.”

This was sort of our demo “flagship” song for a while, and it went through many revisions as studio technology improved. Arrangement-wise, it remained pretty-much the same, even if the drum programming changed radically.

I have an ex-girlfriend who’s pretty pissed-off about this song.