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Snow and Joy


Words will find you
Years will blind you
Every story has an end
Words will find you
Years will blind you
On this you can depend
Flesh and stone meets heart and bone
Scent and will meets oceans still

Breath and drought meets life and doubt
Snow and joy meets time and tide

Guitar: Dan Clark
Chorus: Julie Schmoldt

[EO] I really wanted to do something like Juno Reactor’s “Pistolero”, and it’s pretty obvious, but I didn’t know quite how to go about it. I called up Dan and asked him if he’d do something flamenco-ish for me, and he blitzed out these crazy solos. I built basically the rest of the song around those.

We performed this live exactly once, at Dan’s final show with us. I played violin to go along with Dan’s guitar pyrotechnics. It was unbearably hot (pack 260 people into a venue in August? Turn on some stage lights?) and I was sweating so hard I could barely hold my violin, much less play it in tune. We barely made it through in one piece and I think we all ended at different times. Not my finest hour.