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sublimationRelease Date: 2002
Catalog No: NR009

1. Footfalls
2. I Probably Know You
3. Call of The Rose
4. How
5. Blindsighted
6. Neverland
7. Sacre Coeur
8. The Sad Truth
9. Word and Deed
10. If Only for a While
11. Fly Skyward
12. There is a Light
13. How (nd Dancefloor Angst)
14. Footfalls (Stromkern Western Skies)

The debut album on Nilaihah records, Sublimation is a straightforward synthpop record, with a few twists – the latin chants on “Sacre Coeur”, the processed tabla riffs on “Word and Deed” that would foreshadow later tracks, and the cover of the Smiths “There is a Light.”

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