HaLO – Side-Line

Pedro F.This is incredible, the first issue of this new American label, Dead Beat is focusing on Madison, Wisconsin?s capital, underground electro scene with 12 unreleased tracks (of 13 presents on the compilation). Some bands present on this compilation are already confirmed and internationally recognised artists, the most famous is certainly Stromkern (present with the first new track since their 2001 album ?Armageddon?), but also Oneiroid Psychosis (present with an haunting dark electronics instrumental track) or yet Signal 12 (the only non unreleased track ?Anesthetized?). But be sure that some other will follow soon like Stochastic Theory (the first Dead Beat signing) with a promising electro/synth/ebm/future pop track in the line of Colony 5. Other artists who catch my attention: Brian Schuh with an enjoyable electro pop track, ctrlshft with a harsher electro/industrial track, Echo Virus, somewhere between Stromkern and Depeche Mode, Ensku with a more clubby sound and enjoying female vocals and finally Null Device, maybe one of the most promising act present here. As conclusion, I just want to say: You win your bet! It?s a very enjoyable compilation! (PF:7/8) PF.