This is how gigs should be set up

Even if the gig tonight is a complete flop, which I’m pretty sure it won’t be, we are having one helluva good time.

This is almost like a vacation.

We made the drive from Madison to Columbus in really decent time – just over 8 hours, incluidng two stops for gas. The car is of course packed to bursting but hey, that’s what band-travel is all about, right? The drive was dull but uneventful, and between Dan and my iPod’s we had enough interesting music to keep us going. I think I’ve got Dan hooked on Curve, and Dan has me intruiged by, of all things, Hatebreed.

It was of course about 3am when everyone finally settled in and could sleep.

Kristy’s house is gorgeous, too. Dan has a more succinct description, but suffice it to say it’s really, really nice and it’s awfully big. In madison, this would be a very expensive house. But anyway, it’s old, it’s pretty, and it contains two very friendly cats.

I was awakened by one of said cats this morning. I was sleeping in front of his favorite window, so I was stared at intently until I moved. I got up, a few hours ahead of the rest of the band, and unsurprisngly Kristy (who I am convinced never actually sleeps) was also awake. We chatted, everyone completed their morning grooming routines, I amused the hell out of Dan by wondering aloud if I could find an iron (“my last band, we wondered if they had beer. You wonder if they have an iron.”), and we piled into Kristy’s car for a quick tour of Columbus and some lunch.

Lunch was great, too. We went to a big farmers market place, all ended up getting middle eastern or indian food (I had a very tasty north african lamb sausage stew), we chatted for a while, Chuck and I bought some fruits and vegetables to snack on for the ride back (probably a better idea than chips), then back to Kristy’s house for a little chillout time. The weather being gorgeous, we took a walk through the neighborhood.

This is great. I want more shows where he have at least a little time to soak up a little chill time before having to spend 6 hours in a club greenroom.