Last minute additions

The Nilaihah show has come and gone, and man did it rock.

Of course, though, we've given ourselves no time off and have got a small flotilla of announcements.

First off, we've got a show coming up on the 21st at The Cardinal, in Madison. It's a last-minute booking, but it should be a good show. The soundsystem is inappropriately huge for a club this size.

Because we don't have enough to do, work has begun not only on As-Yet-Untitled-Album #3 but also on another between-albums EP, entitled “The London EP.” It is titled so because it contains mostly remixes of “Walk in London.” Null Device will be contributing 2 mixes, a demo from the AMDM sessions, and an unreleased B-Side from those sessions. We've got a number of remixers lined up for other tracks, too. Best of all is that it'll probably be free! Watch for it this spring.

Projects around Makeshift Studios these days include some recording work for a few artists and mastering of the new Stochastic Theory EP.

Sleep is for the weak.