October Update

Been quiet here for a bit.

But not anywhere else.

In fact, if you follow the Null Device twitter or facebook streams you’ll note that we just did a giveaway of t-shirts in association with the AudibleIndia.fm podcast.  So there is now some Null Device-wear winging its way overseas to Chennai, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal.  I hope to do more stuff like that.

Musically, things are going on too.  After our tour, we confabbed with our tourmates in TDC and are now deep into the mixing and recording mines on a joint single.  Vocalists aplenty!  Violins!  Guitars!  Drums!  Afropop!  Dhols!  Synths!  Beats!  Kora!  It’s basically like two bands trying hard to be multiple Peter Gabriels.  And it’s coooooool.  There’s other stuff planned for the recording too, but I’ll leave that to be a surprise.

On the Null Device –by-itself tip, we’re remixing a few tracks and getting some newer material underway.  Nothing’s concrete yet, but there might be a very short remix release by year’s end.

Also!  Remixes!  Production!  Other stuff!