We Knew It Would Eventually Come To This

Friday, October 26th, Eric and Jill (um, Null Device, but you knew that), Matt (Caustic) and John (Sensuous Enemy) are, for one night, coming together as The Violators, a tribute to Depeche Mode.

Yeah, I’m guessing you’ve wondered why this took so long.  It was inevitable, really.  I mean Eric O, Eric G and Jill have always been huge, incredibly nerdy and detailed Depeche Mode fans.  We even have the fonts to prove it.

Also! High Noon Saloon, Friday Oct 26th, for Dane101’s Freakin’ Halloweekend.  Also featuring tributes to Beck, Hole, The Stooges and the Minute Men.  And then Saturday, tributes to Bowie, Boston, Gillian Welch, Bikini KIll, and the Violent Femmes.

(last year, we did Ministry, and it was a blast)