2014: State of The Device

It’s been a fascinating year in Null Device-land.  Been a heavy year favoring quality over quantity.

We took sort of a sharp sonic left-turn, added a cellist, and put out an EP reflecting those changes.  I think it’s our finest work to date.  It was only four tracks, but they’re four tracks that did pretty much exactly what we hoped they would.

Didn’t play a lot of shows, but we played some really great ones.  Made some new friends, reconnected with a few old ones, and even played a show all the kids could come to.

Only got around to doing a handful of remixes, but they were for a lot of really nifty bands that I wouldn’t’ve expected to work with.

Ye olde mastering business over at Submersible Studios had a pretty good year; we got to tweak the knobs for a few of our favorite acts, ranging from country-folk to power-punk to dreampop.

So a pretty good year, all told.

We wish a safe and prosperous 2015 to all our fans and friends!