Free remix, B-side, outtakes, etc album from Null Device. Full album download includes pdf digital booklet. Features a little of everything - remixes from "Excursions", unreleased tracks from the Excursions sessions, reworks of songs from "A Million Different Moments" and "Sublimation", a cover of a classic DCD tune, and an acoustic live track.


All songs Oehler/Goedken - Null Device Media Industries (ASCAP) except 2 Oehler/Goedken/Kazmi/Udhas, 3 Oehler, 5 Gerrard/Perry (EMI Virgin Music) and 9 Oehler/Goedken/Clark. Null Device is: Eric Oehler, Eric Goedken, Jill Sheridan, Chuck McKenzie, and Elizabeth Scheef. Urdu vocals on 2 by Ramya S. Kapadia. 11 recorded live at the Inferno, Madison, with guitar and general smartassery by Dan Clark. Mastered at Submersible Studios.