Null Device – Aphelion

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  • Wardrobe single

    What a great day for music! New Chvrches, new New Order album… Oh, and a new Null Device single!   …featuring remixes by Missing In Stars, Dharmata101, The Dark Clan, Stereospread, and Wyatt Agard […]

  • 2014: State of The Device

    It’s been a fascinating year in Null Device-land.  Been a heavy year favoring quality over quantity. We took sort of a sharp sonic left-turn, added a cellist, and put out an EP reflecting those changes. […]

  • BQA, Null Device, and Mahr, Nov 11th

    November 11th, we’ll be playing a gig at Inferno with MAHR and Beauty Queen Autopsy.  It’s the debut performances from both those bands. We’re unreasonably excited about this. So that’s pretty cool. We’ll be debuting a […]

  • Whoops!

    [scene: Eric is sitting on the couch with his laptop, putting the finishing touches on the Bandcamp release of Aphelion] ERIC Whew, it’s done.  I’d better save this as a draft. [Nori, a jolly tuxedo […]


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