About the Band

For over two decades, Null Device has been producing electronic pop music. Or at least, that’s what they tell people. In truth it’s never been that straightforward. Oh, sure, they’ve always kept pop hooks and big synthesizer riffs at their core, but they’ve also written songs in arabic and count a full-time cellist among their members.

So there’s that.

Described by the press, with varying levels of vagueness, as “buoyant”, “sleek” and “textured”, Null Device pulls in a lot of different influences. Sure, there’s classic 80’s synthpop, as expected, but there’s also a love for reverb-soaked shoegaze, jangly dreampop, “Madchester”-style dance-rock, and occasionally a dose of ebullient Bollywood. It’s cohesive enough that they can move from one song to the next without giving anyone cognitive whiplash, yet diverse enough to appeal to anyone from millennial chillwavers to gen-X rave kids to former 80’s goths.

Press Photos


Eric Oehler

A computer geek trained as a violinist, Eric has always been somewhat of a musical dilettante, to the point that ...
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Jill Sheridan

A longtime contributor to Null Device and related projects, Jill is a gifted singer with a fabulous wardrobe, a precocious ...
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Eric Goedken

Eric is a biochemist with a poet’s soul, an artist’s eye, and an unerring ear for a hook. One might ...
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Kendra Kreutz

Kendra has the least to do in the band since all she really knows how to do is play the ...
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Studio and Gear

Null Device records at Submersible Studios in Madison. We’ve got some gear, too..

Related Projects

Klack – EBM and new beat, in collaboration with Caustic.

Justin Vernon’s Goddamn Cabin – honest, homespun modal dance music made by hardworking boys.

Edgecase – live PA/techno

Every once in a while, Eric O. performs as a member of Matt Fanale’s electro-noise-punk project, Caustic.

Ensku (on hiatus) – House music

The Advanced Toothbrush Orchestra (on hiatus) – dark ambient soundtracks for student films, apparently.