Playlist, Null Device Release Party, 7/30/2002

Avant Garde – Undress You
Electrosquad – Envy
B! Machine – Undeceived
Conditon One – Last Station
Beborn Beton – Time to Leave You
KAJ – Follow Me
Merge – Lost in Eternity
Depeche Mode – My Joy
Evil’s Toy – Style
Mesh – It Scares Me
Neuroactive – Play
Project Pitchfork – Jupiter
Backlash – Alter Ego

Null Device – Easier
Tarkan – Simarik (oriental mix)
Gus Gus – David
Bjork – Alarm Call (Phunk You)
Electronic – Twisted Tenderness
Mesh – Little Missile
Echo Image – Skulk
A-ha – Minor Earth, Major Sky
Cocteau Twins – Heaven or Las Vegas (alphaconsipracy mix)
Peter Murphy – Final Solution (club mix)

Cruxshadows – Heaven’s Gaze (Bitter tales mix)
Diary of Dreams – Exile (upgrade 03)
Das Ich – Destillat (VNV mix)
Cleen – Sunburst (stomp mix)
Ministry – We Believe
Depeche Mode- Black Celebration (live)
Null Device – How (nd Dancefloor angst)
A Spell Inside – Change of Heart
Leiahdorus – So Much
De/Vision – Hear Me Calling
New Order – Everything’s Gone Green
* Null Device – Love Like Strychnine
Drawback – Undone
Null Device – Footfalls (stromkern Western Skies mix)

(giveaway time!)

Quarashi – Baseline
Curve – Missing Link
Fiction 8 – Let Go
Backlash – Blind
G.D. Luxxe – Air Force One
Depeche Mode – I Feel Love (Danny Tenaglia Labor of Love)
New Order – Here to Stay
Project Pitchfork – Renansence (FLA Infinity Mix)
Leftfield – Afrika Shox
*Joy Division – Love Will Tear us Apart (peel session)
Radiohead – I Might be Wrong
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Red Right Hand
* The Pixies – Velouria
Human League – All I ever Wanted
Null Device – There is a Light
Assemblage23 – Dissapoint (funker vogt mix)
*E-craft – Electrocution
VNV Nation – Genesis
Tarkan – Bu Gece