Setlist, Halo, DJ Null and DJ D20, 1/28/03

DJ D20
Cure – Pictures of You
Non-Agression Pact – Ultra
Emergency Broadcast Network – Electronic Behavior Control System
Snog – Late 20th Century Boy
Spahn Ranch – The Warmth of Silence
Assemblage23 – Dissapoint (Funker Vogt Mix)
Ministry – Thieves (taco monkey mix)
Deathride 69 – Penetrator (forced entry mix)

DJ Null
Tarkan – Uzak
Dido – Hunter (Francois K mix)
Bjork – Hunter (skothus mix)
Snog – Hunter
*Laibach – Life is Life
Portion Control – The Great Divide
Curve – Hell Above Water
Kosheen – Suicide (slip and slide)
Front 242 – Animal (radio)

DJ D20
Non-Agression Pact – God of Machine Logic
Informatik – Built for Pleasure
VNV Nation – Fearless
Pigface – Burundi
Funker Vogt – Spread your Legs
And One – Panzermensch
Stochastic Theory – What You Weren’t (echo virus mix)
Information Society – Express Yourself
Hate Dept. – Superdrama
Chemlab – Electric Molecular

DJ Null
Troy McClure and the Original Cast – Dr. Zaius
The Streets – Dont Mug Yourself
Conjure One – Tears from the Moon
*BT feat. Tori Amos – Blue Skies
New Order – Here to Stay
*Camoflage – The Great Commandment
Iris – Lose in Wanting
* The Beloved – Hello
Depeche Mode – Useless (CJ Bolland Ultrasonar mix)
Ladytron – The Way That I Found You
G. D. Luxxe – Air Force One
The Smiths – There is a Light That Never Goes Out

DJ D20
Oingo Boing – No One Lives Forever
Szeki Kurva – Balkan Express
Mindless Self Indlugence – Bitches
Hellbent – Chroned
Null Device – Submariner (remix)
Kevorkian Death Cycle – Prisoner
Icon of Coil – Regret