Sublimation – MK Ultra Magazine

Paul Reighn First Wisconsin gave us milk and cheese, now complex, harmonious synthpop (see what talking all day to corn fields and livestock can do to a man). Now before anyone jumps to any conclusions, there is not a master race of dairy cows with spiked chrome domes on their heads plotting to take over the world from their farms up north. However, with the shadowy sub-riffs sliding seamlessly beneath the catchy dance topcoat of Nulldevice's music, it may be possible that two men, Eric Oehler and Eric Goedken both may have ulterior motives in the same vein, though the validity of this suspicion still needs to be ascertained. The fourteen track album, “Sublimation,” ranges from the hip hop dance sound of “Footfalls” to the haunting, chanted lyrics of “Sacre Coeur” to the fantastically realistic sounding violin and guitar synth on “If Only for a While.” Perhaps even more impressive that the synth work is the vocal work of Oehler. His voice has a gliding quality that pierces the listener, allowing the lyrics that can only be described as poetry, flow in.