Reflecting on Reverence

Well, I’ve had a day or two to catch up on sleep, relax a little and pontificate.

I’m still tired. I think this means if I want to gig more I’m going to have to get into better shape. If it takes 2 days to recover from a show, then touring is just out of the question.

Something interesting to think about for me – everyone said it was our best show yet, although technically I screwed up worse than at any previous gigs. Ned said he had pretty much the same issue – he claimed it was one of their worst technical gigs – and yet I didn’t really notice. It kind of proves to me that a band’s enthusiasm really can make up for some mistakes. Something to ponder anyway.

I’m deeply glad I got to hang out with the guys from Iris, especially Andrew and Blitz. It’s strangely reassuring to know that there are guys like that out there making music – it didn’t hurt that both of them shared a lot of my opinions about modern music.

I regret not getting to talk with Voltaire more – the brief interactions I got were that he was very professional and very funny, but I maybe talked with him for 20 minutes total the whole weekend. Same was truew with B00le – I got to have a short chat with Br0d but by the time I really got to talk with them they were all very drunk.

And while I risked shin splints, the leaping that accompanied Stromkern, I think it was worth it. I was half expecting the floor to give way and a news report on “Tragedy strikes local nightclub” kind of thing to occur, but none of that happened.