A Million Different Moments – DJ Kantrip

DJ KantripGot the latest Null Device CD in the mail the other day from Nilaihah Records.

For the record, over the past 2 weeks I've been saturated with EBM, Synthpop, and anything electro that's come out lately. I've been listening to Lycia on drives to work as a respite from the oontz. BUT I am happy to say that the new Null Device is NOT your typical EBM and has pulled me outta that lil hole.

A Million Different Moments opens with a nice middle eastern sound that evolves into a mellow dancebeat on Destinies and Symmetries. Unlike other bands I've heard of late, Null Device doesn't just drop the middle eastern influence at the beginning of the song. The drums and sitars combine with violins and work their way around the beat to form a very organic dance sound. Travelogue and Sevgilim follow a similar sound but vary b/w a more electro or more organic sound.

Electrified and Walking in London take a bit more of a “standard” EBM approach, but I'm more apt to say they are invoking a very New Order “Republic” sound on these tracks. Very dancy but not too overly synthy. Again its a Mellow Dance beat. Nothing that will make you want to go and exhaust yourself on the floor, but just have a small work out.

The two Eric's did a fantastic job on the lyrics and vocals for A Million….. Again I am reminded of New Order when I hear them sing. The words not only invoke feelings of lost loves or loves soon to be found, but also put the listener in a physical place. Travelogue is an EXCELLENT example of this. By the time the moon has set in Cairo, I'll be walking in Berlin..

To be honest, alot of Synthpop lyrics can be broken down to “I Love you. Where are you?” or “I Loved you. You destroyed me.”, but in a rather nebulous manner. No reall place or time associated with these words. A Million…. does a good job of painting a place and time to go along with these heartfelt words or wishes.

[If] want a nice organic synthpop or even dance music that you can also slide into the CD player and just sit and read by, I suggest going and buying A Million Different Moments.