A Million Different Moments – A Different Drum

Todd Durrant I really loved Null Device's first album, and consider them one of the truly talented acts in the synthpop scene, creating a style that really is their own.  This new album continues to build on that perception, as the first song starts right off with a rolling Indian / Middle-eastern flavor, adding that synthpop beat for a really unique and instantly loveable song.  The variety and invention on the album never lets up.  Track 2 brings in a funky beat and groovy synth-guitar riff, track 3 builds a pulsing beat and catchy pop vocal melody, and the adventure goes on as another ethnic instrument chimes in the next song.  It's just one of those bands that keeps you guessing, while pulling off each new direction with seeming ease and polish.  If you just want the oontz! oontz! oontz! then get the new Icon of Coil, but if you want a sonic surprise, check this one out.