Sunday IV: The show

Well. Huh. We got the video running, thanks to my 100 feet of video cable and their DVD player. I don’t think it was synced exactly right but it was close enough. We had some technical problems – a Mic cable had a short that didn’t get caught until we’d started rolling – so I was without vocals for about half the song. The monitor mix was fairly distorted as well, but, eh whatchagunna do. The corwd was light. Real light. THey’d been expecting 1200 people for the whole festival – I’m guessing maybe 400 showed up. And then they were split between the dance floor, the band room, the upstairs DJ booth, and the patio. We had about 40-50 people, basically. They were getting into it – or at least a few were – but it was still a pretty flat response. 50 people in a giant room with the band looming over them is not gunna give the best response. But the bouncer told us “I don’t normally like that stuff but that shit was tight, yo” which I took as an exceptional compliment, and a hockey-fan/goth fashion designer told me I was “sex on feet.” I went back to the dressing room and split a large quantity of glenfiddich with McKenzie, who had already been drinking “Anheiser World Select” with Dan and Skern (has anyone heard of this beer? It was…it was free…). We sold a buncha merch, I had a chat with Terrorfakt-Ben, we settled our differences and did a shot of tequila, which as far as I’m concerned is a pretty decent solution to a lot of the world’s ills.

Went and saw Stromkern and took a lot of pictures of them – they rocked as always, and somehow Ned grows in stature about 320% when he goes onstage. A busted input on his guitar necessitated his using Dan’s strat.

After that, caught DJ WhiterabbityJosh droppin his beatz. Aww yeah, yo.

I was stunned by the raw number of people who commented on my Fenslerfilm “Body Massage” tshirt.

We left about 2:30, got back to the hotel, loaded our gear in the rooms and crashed at about 3:30. So tired.