Monday II, Tuesday I

Agggghh. The ohio turnpike is boring, no matter which direction you’re going. In indiana we stopped ta a rest stop that had lost power, so there were no lights and no functioning vending machines. Somehow Chuck managed to get donuts, though. There was power in the gas station but their snack shop was sorely lacking in anything resembling food or water.

There was some…discussion…with Bart over the plan for returning the van.

I’ve discovered that a night of singing, no sleep, and scotch leaves one with a wicked sore throat. And my sinuses have gone ‘splody as they always seem to do on really long drives. Josh didn’t die of an asthma attack on the way back, which was good, although we were worried for a bit there.

I got back home at about 1:30, Dan and Rob went back nto Milwaukee from there, and everyone else got left for their appointed rounds. Poor Lisa had another few hours drive back to Elgin to return the van.

OVerall, it was an interesting experience. Next time I do this, I’d prefer not to get sick at the end. I’d also prefer shorter drives. I’m assuming that a 17-hour drive between stops is a bit unusual. The crowd and the management liked us, and want to bring us back at some point, which is pretty cool. I met a few folk who are interested in working with us on that tip as well. We sounded pretty good, mic problems not withstanding. Everybody in the van got along and we had some good fun. Chuck can sleep through anything. I cannot. Would I do it again? Sure.