For those of you who weren't there…

Until I get a recording available, the acoustic set went something like this:

Sad Truth – Jangly, chordal version of the song. Chuck bowed the bass.

Footfalls – sounded pretty much how you’d expect.

Travelogue – a few minutes of a pseudo-gypsy-violin cadenza, featuring lots of broken chords carrying the melody, then a brief pause, and Chuck playing the funkiest acoustic bass line I’ve ever heard from him.

Wicked Game – hey, it’s Chris Isaak, what do you expect?

Electrified – we reimagined this one as a 3/4 country ballad. The big synth solos get replaced by mournful fiddle.

Walk in London – finger-picking, violin solos replacing the synths, almost balladic.

Hourglass – my favorite of the night, with Dan just going all livid-Pedro on the flamenco guitar solo, then carrying that over to an acoustic version that’s higher-energy than the electronic one.

And we finished up with “There is a Light”, a jangly little guitarpop tune.