Excursions – Gothtronic

TekNoirNull Device is a synthpop duo from Wisconsin in the USA whose name i already knew for some time but of whom i actually had never before heard an album. Null Device have managed to completely convince me with their third album Excursions. The band plays synthetic electropop that doesn’t sound all that synthetic with the influences from a.o. worldmusic and triphop. Also the sampled organic instrumentation consisting of ethnic instruments and the influences from idm, breakbeat and ambient result into a warm sound that really works great in songs such as ‘Triangular’, ‘Under the Gun’, ‘Entwined’, ‘Twisting and Turning’ and ‘I Promise’. In ‘Down the Line’ an urban and world music touch is very ingeniously blended into an excellent synthpop track that even has commercial appeal. Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Eric Oehler actually can sing really good which is an absolute must for a synthpop band. Also the harmonic singing together with Eric Goedken and Jill Sheridan comes across well. With regards to musical approach in the adventurous electro music on Excursions you can easily trace the rich musical background of Eric. Null Device surely hits it on the nail and really stands out in these times in which the market seems to be flooded by electropop projects. Excursion is their third album and as far as I’m concerned it is a top album in the realms of adventurous synthpop music. Give these gifted musicians the studio budget of a band like Depeche Mode or even De/Vision and the possibilities seem unlimited. This is highly recommended!