Excursions – Deadbolt magazine

Rev. Daryl Litts

Continuing where their previous album A Million Different Moments left off, this offering brings heavier elements of eclectic world music to Null Device’s dance/techno/synth portfolio. I know what you’re thinking—snooze—it’s been done. It has, but the cool, distant flavor of Null’s music seems to suit it uniquely; at best it’s reminiscent of the more delectable Delerium techno remixes, at worst it sounds like an Underworld clip stuck on repeat. Excursions immediately finds its apex with “Triangular”, the sugar-track that showcases Null Device at their best. The disappointment of blowing their load early kicks in after a few tracks though, when the songs start blending into a yada yada routine. Like watching reruns of old movies, they may be cool—but you already know what’s going to happen. Overall Excursions is passable, but the handful of gold dust here isn’t quite balanced with the treasure found in A Million Different Moments (which I strongly recommend).