The Emerald Age

Madison Wisconsin's Null Device has been making compelling synthpop for over two decades. Their third release for Distortion Productions, “The Emerald Age”, explores darker and more cinematic sonic territory while retaining their signature pop hooks. From the politically-charged anger of "Flags" to the widescreen introspection of "Mayhem Into Ashes", they refine their sound while broadening their palette.


Eric Oehler - Vocals, Synths, Violin, Guitars
Jill Sheridan - Vocals, Lyrics, Synths
Eric Goedken - Lyrics, Additional Production
Kendra Kreutz - Cello

Mixed and mastered at Submersible Studios, Madison

1,2,3,5,6 - Oehler/Sheridan
4 - Oehler/Goedken
7 - Oehler/Goedken/Sheridan
8 - Oehler