Emeritus Members

Dan Clark: guitars, arrangements, backing vocals, rock, funk (2003-2007)
A musician with actual formal training in composition, Dan eschewed the life of the starving modern composer for the life of the rock god. Bringing his considerable songwriting talent, guitar heroics and epic facial hair to genres from pop-punk and prog-metal to musical theatre and goth, Dan was a powerful weapon in Null Device’s musical arsenal. He continues to play as the lead guitarist for ND buddies Stromkern, and fronts his own goth-funk-rock-dance-punk-electro-vampire-pop project “The Dark Clan“, the symphonic metal band “Magma Dragon”, and an indie-tronica project known as “The Mighty Chouffe.”

Elizabeth Scheef: Percussion, Keyboards A multi-instrumentalist who perhaps has a slightly excessive fondness for Ren fests, Elizabeth switches seamlessly from modern electronics to ancient percussion. She also can eat an astonishing amount of pie.

Charles “Chuck4” McKenzie: Bass, Donuts (2003-2010) After playing in a number of bands for which he was particularly ill-suited, Chuck brought his solid low-end and the occasional banjo to Null Device. He also brought a sense of humour that borders on conceptual art, and a knack for finding donuts just about anywhere.

Raya Wolfsun: arabic and classical greek vocals (2010) There seem to be very few places Raya hasn’t lived at some point in her life; she’s been a resident of Mautirius in the Indian Ocean, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The state of Qatar, The city of Chicago, the nation of Canada. She’s studied art, langauge, music, dance, philosophy, and culture in all these places. And she can sing. Holy crap can she sing. And she makes one heckuva cup of coffee.