Sacre Coeur

Sacre Coeur


Leaves fall by the riverside
blown through the sity of lights
I grab them up for you
such a lovely sight

from on high
downpour through the night
clouds her eyes
as the cold starts to bite

Sacre Coeur
now my sacred heart
take my hand
let the bleeding start

Fog grows through the evening air
cast off from the city lights
There is no trace of you
no reason tonight
up the stairs
downpour through the night
takes my fears
as the cold starts to bite

(agnus dei, qui tollis pecatta mundi)

Tumble to the riverside
back to the city of lights
I will return for you
and make this alright
from on high
downpour through the night
stains the skies
as the cold starts to bite.

(miserere nobis)

[EO] The latin is from a standard mass.

Recording the pseudo-gregorian chant required more overdubs than my poor computer could handle at any given time, and still play the backing tracks. I had to do a lot of bouncing-to-disk in order to record it. I think I finally stopped after 15. Still never quite as big as I wanted it.

[EG] Inspired by a trip to Paris in Oct 1998. Seeing the Sacre Coeur for the first time lit up on a rainy night is quite an experience.