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RecursionsRelease Date: 2009
Catalog No: ND003

1. Return (Rebuilt By Stripmall Architecture)
2. Twisting and Turning (Club Mix)
3. Think It Over (Unreleased Demo)
4. Travelogue (2009 Version)
5. The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove
6. Triangular (Null Device’s Panjabi Lowrider Mix)
7. I Promise (Bogart Shwadchuck Mix)
8. Footfalls (2009 Version)
9. The Choir (Unreleased Demo)
10. Under the Gun (The Dark Clan Graves Mix)
11. The Hourglass (Live Acoustic)
12. Return (Bloodwire Mix)

A collection of post-Excursions odds and ends.  A few of the usual suspects pop up, including The Dark Clan and Bogart Shwadchuck (Artifice, Full Code Media, Epsilon Minus, etc),  and some new faces – Bloodwire and Stripmall Architecture.  Also included are a few cuts that didn’t make it onto Excursions for one reason or another, some new versions of older songs, and a live cut from one of our acoustic shows.