This press section is a collection of reviews, articles, interviews, and other random snippets relevant to Null Device. All text attributed where attributions were available. Some of these publications ceased to exist long ago. Others are for very limited markets.

We’ve even tossed in a few less-than-glowing reviews, in the interest of completeness.

One thing, though – these are for the most part presented in their original form, unedited. A few of them have some factual errors, others have some…creative…uses of grammar and spelling. A few are in Russian and we have little to no idea what they say beyond a vague sense from google translate (“Null Device sings tractors! Turnips! Buttocks!”). So your mileage may vary.

Really, if you have any questions, you can always ask.

If you just want to read reviews, that’s possible. Or just interviews.

Selected Songs Reviewed by Detric Sheridan, Age 4

Songs from "While You were Otherwise Engaged" as reviewed by Jill Sheridan's son, Detric (age 4). On "Shadow and Flame:" ...
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Review: I Die You Die

Null Device While You Were Otherwise Engaged Distortion Productions (Alex Kennedy) The highlight of Null Device’s new album While ...
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Aphelion, Madison Arts Extract

Madison’s Null Device is the kind of band that seems to exist in its own little universe and thrive there, ...
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Perihelion, reviewed at Listening to a record like Null Device’s Perihelion is a pleasure for a couple of reasons. Firstly, and maybe most importantly, ...
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The Zipstream

 Null Device and The Dark Clan explore uplifting African beats The novelty of split releases with two bands covering each ...
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Best Madison Albums of 2010

by Rich Albertoni 9. Null Device: Suspending Belief. Electronic music can be a frenetic experience. On this release, Null Device ...
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The AV Club (Madison)

by Joel Shanahan July 1, 2010 When listening to Madison electro-poppers Null Device’s latest, Suspending Belief, it’s easy to tell ...
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ThirdCoast Digest

Sex, Politics and Religion w/Null Device By Erika J. Bock The first time I heard Null Device was in March of 2009 ...
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Suspending Belief (The Isthmus)

Rich Albertoni on Thursday 05/13/2010 Since forming in 1997, Null Device has bridged production and live instrumentation to show there's ...
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(Katjusa Cisar) Primarily masterminded by Eric Oehler, local synth-pop duo Null Device casts a spinning mix of ancient folk instrumentation, ...
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