various –

Various reviewers (“Crimson” and “Fairy Tale” ranked 30th and 9th respectively in the electronic category of's annual competition)

“Nicely symphonic, Very innovative approach to synthesis! Intro built well to the lyrics…I like the haunting instrumental track under the lyrics, The string voice was sweet! I really like the contrapuntal movement between the lead and back-up vocals. Nice effects, not abused. ”

“Awesome – Creativity is in the air and this song's got it.”

“Like Pet Shop Boys after smoking a big phattie.”

“Original – Finally an original song in the electronic category that isn't just a collection of noises. I like the feel. I like the vocals. I like the mix. Good job. ”

“Whats all this then! I like it! Wonderfully layered mix..nice imaging…vocals very well done. ”

“I am amazed how great this song is – reminds me of the genre that would include Dead Can Dance, Black Tape for a Blue Girl & William Orbit…. I hope I hear more… ”

“Mournful feel on this well-arranged track. The melody is beautiful and the lyrics are poetic. “