Theremin Surgery

I knocked over my theremin the other night. It was dark, I was tired and was flailing around trying to change my shirt.

The volume antenna made a “snap” sound. Closer inspection revealed that it and the plat it was screwed into were lying on the floor about 6 inches away from the rest of the instrument.

This was bad.

Anyone who’s ever observed my prowess with a soldering iron would know that this was bad.

First order of business – glue. Put all the pieces of wood and plating back where it belongs. No problem.

Damn, I’m out of glue.

Go to the hardware store, buy glue. Glue everything back together. Wait 24 hours for it to harden.

Then, the soldering. Only one joint…I can’t screw this up. Can I?

So far, it’s holding. It’s making noise. I’m holding my breath…