Subliminal (demo) – Side-Line #39

Bernard Van IsackerNull Device
Subliminal (MCD self released)
Hailing from Middleton, USA, are the duo Null Device that bring synthpop with EBM touches. The result? Catchy synthpop tunes with vocals that remind me of the excellent though never published material from the Belgian synthpop hope Da Vinci Principle (Da Vinci Principle tracks such as “Pain” were even sold as genuine Depeche Mode demos). Harsh sounds are nicely incorporated into the electro pop world of Null Device. Tracks that keep on being played at home are opener “Blindsighted” and closer “Word and deed” for being hard driven synthpop tunes that stand comparisons with other major acts in the synthpop scene. A band that every synthpop follower should have checked out! It wouldn't surprise me to see these two boys end up on Todd's famous A Different Drum label. Contact:
(bvi 7-8/10)