Playlist for Synthetyk, Jan 31

From the all-synth night at Inferno, where DJ Null, DJ Desmodus (inferno’s resident synthmeister) and DJ Alison (of Machine and Soul) dropped the bombs…

9:00 — DJ Null

Think Tank – Homefront
Other Two – Tasty Fish
Automatic – Friday I’m In Love
Wave Worker’s Foundation – Earmark Tatoo
Martin Gore – Compulsion
808 State – Lambrusco Cowboy
Information Society – What’s On Your Mind (Jr. Vasquez Mix)

The Beloved – Hello

9:30 — DJ Alison

Page of Quire – Forget to Breathe
Psyche – Unbreakable (Remix)
Shades of Grey – All I Have to Give (Intact Mix)
A Spell Inside – Traume
Adfinem – H:ll
Distain! – Tears of Joy (Radio Edit)
New Order – Regret (Fire Island Mix)
Cause & Effect – Crash
Cetu Javu – Have In Mind (Kalimba Mix)
Anything Box – Answer Me

Alphaville – Forever Young (F.A.F. mix)

10:30 — DJ Desmodus

And One – Driving With My Darling
Echo Image – Need To Be Proud
OMD – Enola Gay (Dance Mix)
Elegant Machinery – Words of Wisdom
Pet Shop Boys – New York City Boy
Sweep – Emptiness, Your Loneliness (System 22 Mix)
Echoing Green – She’s Gone Tragic (Catastrophic Mix)

New Order – Blue Monday (Hardfloor Remix)

11:00 — DJ Null

Electronic – Twisted Tenderness
G.D. Luxxe – Air Force One
Bis – Dead Wrestlers
Human League – Love Me Madly
Melotron – Kindertraum (Club Mix)
Seabound – Hooked (Radikal Mix)
Covenant – Der Leiermann

Schiller Mit Heppner – Dream of You

11:30 — DJ Alison

Close Encounters – Drifting On Clouds
De/Vision – Try To Forget
The Second Sight – Pain In Me
Merge – Lost In Everything
Wave In Head – Zeit Zu Leben
Mesh – You Didn’t Want Me
Beborn Beton – Game of Fools
Count To Infinity – Space Age Lovesong
Iris – Twilight

12:00 — DJ Desmodus

Erasure – Take a Chance On Me
De/Vision – Strange Affection (Mesh Remix)
Fictional – Blue Lights
Kie The Vez – Destinies (Shameless Dance Mix)

T.O.Y. – Dream With Me

12:30 — DJ Null

Depeche Mode – It’s No Good (BT Mix)
Bjork – Alarm Call (Potage Du Jour)
New Order – True Faith (Philip Stier Re-Order)
Nitzer Ebb – Ascend (Vince Clarke Anonymous Mix)
Lassigue Bendthaus – Soul Access

HMB – This Fire

1:00 — DJ Desmodus

Monaco – What Do You Want From Me?
Monolithic – Arms (Warm Embrace Mix)
David Bowie – Halo Spaceboy
Null Device – Footfalls
Echoing Green – Thief (Time-Space Continuum Mix)
Mesh – Not Prepared
Wolfsheim – Kunsliche Welten (Praha Edit)