Songs from the Null Device hi-fi

Currently in heavy rotation:

Tarkan – Tarkan.
The 1999 self-titled major-label debut of Turkey’s biggest and most imam-scaring pop star. Awesome stuff.

Gus Gus – Attention
New album from a new lineup of icelanders. While nto quite as good as ’97’s “Polydistortion” (very little can be) it has some tasty tracks like “David”, “Desire” and “Call of the Wild.”

The Hives – Veni, Vidi, Vicious
Reminding us all again why Rock-n-Roll is cool.

Curve – Gift
The last major release from Curve, returning them to their roots of slightly-shoegazery-but-not-really electro-rock music.

G.D. Luxxe – cancrackcode
Gerhard Potuznik really wants to be New Order. But it’s cool.