Club ? recap

Dear god am I tired. Note to self: stop scheduling shows when you have to be at work by 8am the next morning. Or at the very least, don’t schedule them more than an hour’s drive away.

We had a number of strikes against us going in – we didn’t know when we booked the show, but Soviet and Codebreaker were playing a gig across town, and these are bands with some serious ‘clash cred, so I’m guessing a lot of people were there. And it was a sunday. And the sound system was a little – no wait, a lot – funky. And by funky I mean “craptacular.” But we managed. Adam looked a little harried, and there was a bit of panic when due to some weird feeback loop in the board, everything Dan played was harmonized by a 5th. We thought it was my pedal at first, which caused some minor out-freaking on my part, but after trying it clean and bypassed and it still did that, we knew it had to be something on the board.

Stochastic Theory put on a fine performance. Chuck can really sing, who knew? And it’s always good to see Ned plaing keyboards, since he does it so damn well.

We had a decent turnout. Surprising number of people I actually knew, too. I think we did pretty well. Stage was pretty small, so I got clocked a few times by Dan’s guitar, and I kept stumbling on the various cables, but nonetheless we had a good time. Dan was a maniac, as ever, leaping about like recovering punk he is. I think we put on our best rendition of “Easier” yet. I was infomed after the show that our live stuff is sounding even better than our recordings, which is a mixed complement, but I’ll take it where I can get it.

Dan and Chuck did the “unknowingly dance” again. This time with big sly grins on their faces. The audience seemed to be in on the joke. “Electrified” went over well, this being our first performance thereof, and “There is a Light” slew, as expected. Hooray!

Sweet jeebus do I need some coffee.