Reverence, The aftermath (sunday)

Got up too damn early again, but this time with a reason. Had to get Blitz to the airport. Met Matt, Chuck and Sigrid at the hotel, yakked with Voltaire briefly and watched a fat middle aged guy look at him and say “dang boy, you look like thyat Frank Zadra [sic] guy with the beard and geetars!” Voltaire politely smiled, nodded, said “Yeah, I guess” and after the guy walked away just mumbled “you fat fuck.” I nearly hemorrhaged from laughter.

After a bit of confusion as to who was driving whom, we got all the gear loaded, all the people in the appropriate cars, Blitz trying to sort out his flights and getting terribly annoyed at Northwest’s phone menus, we got it all together. Volty cracked a few good jokes about suriving in the heat while wearing a black suit by being a hasidic jew, Matt Fanale joked around, got everybody wrangled, made sure people got whatever they needed, and capped off the whole thing above and beyond the call of duty. I accidentally set Blitz’s drumkit on Voltaire’s foot, but he took it in stride.

I took Blitz to the airport, helped him unload, said goodbye, and went and got a very late breakfast with Sigrid.

I am now exhausted and sore. But feelin great.

Big Props to Matt Fanale for oragnzing this, Ned Kirby for running this show like clockwork, Adam Wiesenfarth for the monumental stask of coordinating sound, soundchecks, gear and lines for six electronic bands, the Inferno-folks, Lisa Quatmann for running merch, Iris, Voltaire, Stromkern, B00le and Stochastic Theory for a kickass shows…