tweak tweak tweak

Every album has a track that just takes forever and overwhelms the hell out of me.

On “Crimson” it was “Stoplights” – the whole thing was me doing weird one-shot sound programming and I wasn’t sure it’d all fit together until the very end.

On “Sublimation” it was “Fly Skyward” which got re-recorded form the ground up three times. I was never entirely happy with the vocal cadences.

On this one, it’s “Someone Else.” Most of the track is fine, I’ve just never been quite happy with the intro. Add to that the fact that it was once a single 12-minute song with “Sevgilim”, and it’s been reworked a few times. I’ve just spent three hours in the studio tweaking a single bass drum hit. I just need one big thunderous cavernous thud. I think I’ve got it, although a real sample of thuinder would be better.

(Oooh, it’s raining. Be right back…

Damn, can’t sample the rain. Mic cable’s not long enough to go anywhere other than the basement window, and all I hear there is the water cascading out of the neighbors’ uncleaned gutters. )

Well, anyway, with the compo of the more ambient intro that builds a little slower than it did previously, I think I’m on the right track. And I have to say, the string-and-duduk breakdown in the “middle 8” is really, really nice.