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Technical Stuff: The Plugins of Perihelion

Jul 6, 2013

Inspired, roughly, by my friend Tom Shear’s “My Favorite Things” posts over at his excellent blog Waveformless,  I’ve decided to give a rundown of a few interesting pieces of software that went into the making of Perihelion.  Perhaps at some point I’ll delve into the hardware side of things, but honestly that’s probably less interesting […]


A Brief History of "A Million Different Moments" III

Mar 26, 2004
Part Three: changes in the recording process. About halfway through the development of the album, Null Device finally assembled a live act. I've always thought it was a conceit of the pretentious musician to say that performing their material live affected how they write, but...dang, performing materia live affected how I wrote. "Easier" is the [...]

A Brief History of "A Million Different Moments" II

Mar 25, 2004
Continuing in the series of what shaped the sound of AMDM, and what changed. Part 2: The influences "Sublimation" had been a pretty straightforward synthpop-influenced album. While not a ripoff by any rate, it was pretty easy to see our depeche Mode, New Order and Kraftwerk roots shining on through. My thought was that, at [...]

A Brief History of "A Million Different Moments"

Mar 25, 2004
Between the recording of "Sublimation" and "A Million Different Moments" a number of things changed in terms of the recording environment we used, the processes we followed, and the influences involved. All of these - and some more audibly than others - had tremendous impact on the final output. For some reason I figured this [...]


Feb 19, 2004
Note to all reviewers and punters: Dan Clark is a real guitarist, not a synthesizer. That is all.


Dec 19, 2003
The masters and cover art are on their way to Nilaihah HQ. "A Million Different Moments" should be out real soon now!

Awfully quiet

Dec 4, 2003
I've been remiss in updating this thing. I've been busy. Busy finishing up the mastering - still. Busy finishing up the cover art (all I need is a logo or two from the label). Busy remixing. Recently remixed - Brian Schuh's "The One Who Dismissed Me Again" and I'm working on a remix of Epsilon [...]

The beatings will continue until morale improves

Oct 27, 2003
A headcold has taken some time away from mastering - it's hard to judge EQ when you can't hear low frequencies especially well. But it's coming along. Discovered some hidden clipping errors in a few tracks, which have been fixed, and tweaked a level here and there, and I'm feeling much better about everything. Soon. [...]


Sep 30, 2003
Mastering on "A Million Different Moments" has begun. I'm trying to avoid the "compress everything until it sounds louder than anything else out there" trend. Yes, I'm applying compression, no I'm not using high thresholds and high ratios. Yes, it's getting limited, no I'm not using an ultramaximizer threshold of -20db. This could get interesting.