We have the technology

I had the opportunity to do some more recording with Logic yesterday, laying down some vocal tracks with Stochastic Chuck and Matt, just on a lark. And then I did some more work on the guest vox for Epsilon Minus.

I’m rapdily coming to the conclusion that this is an entirely different process. I’ve got a lot to get used to. After 5 years of using Cubase I’ve become kind of set in my ways – reocrd with effects x, set delay to ping-pong with settings y and z, record, save.

Since everything now invovles busses and objects and aux tracks and automations, I can’t just rely on the same few tricks. This of course means that my productivity is going to decline somewhat for a while as I get used to this, but it also is going to force me out of some production ruts. I’m going to have to figure out what I’m doing all over again, which is probably good becasue the last tiem I did that was several years ago and my knowledge of sound design was significantly less at that point (“I do what with the compressor?”)

Should be interesting.