Happy 5th anniversary

Listener-supported community radio – WORT, 89.9 Madison. It’s the 5th anniversary of “Something Wonderful”, the techno/industrial/synthpop/etc show hosted by the loveable Ryan Parks. It’s also Ryan’s 30th birthday.

Whether it was a stroke of genius or madness that inspired him to invite us all to the show I don’t know. But we were there – myself, Dan Clark, Chuck Spencer and Matt Fanale, as well as Ryan’s girlfriend Bierke, the lovely Sigrid Steiger, some other guy I didn’t know, and Ryan’s parents.

The exclusive m00ntz! track “Geezers need Birthdays” was played here. A song dedicated to Ryan, in the style of The Streets. Well, sort of. After 5 years, it caused Ryan to curse on the radio. “That kicks ass” he said. Until then the harshest utterance was “oh, shoot dang!”

We had a lot of fun. Dan is a complete ham in front of a mic (go figure!) and so is Ryan. And Matt. And Me. Chuck thinks we’re all nuts.