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Gearfest 2015

Jun 19, 2015

Another year, another trip to Sweetwater’s GearFest in the sweltering Indiana sun.  This year I guess they had nearly as many attendees as Summer NAMM, which is fairly impressive.  Especially considering the frequent and unpredictable massive downpours that would occasionally shutter the gear tents and send attendees running for shelter. My agenda this year was […]


Vignette, With Etherwave

May 27, 2015

I was at the grocery store this past weekend, wandering around the bulk aisle wearing my battered, vividly green “Keep your hands off my Theremin” tshirt, which I had snagged as swag from Moog at gearfest a few years back. As I was trying to figure in my head out how many walnuts I could […]


2013 State Of The Device

Dec 18, 2013

Another year has come and gone. Kinda just flew by, didn’t it? 2013 was fascinating. We released “Perihelion” to a music industry that was already wildly different than the one we released “Suspending Belief” to a mere three years previous.  It’s been a tough run, but it’s still incredibly rewarding. I’m incredibly fond of this […]


A Poem For Me

Apr 25, 2013

  i don’t know why posting something with an inflammatory title to a million twitter followers would look like a calculated plea for attention. i don’t know why italics make random lines look like a poem, but they do. i don’t know how many Vietnamese soft rolls to order, but i can make the hell out of […]


Code Monkey Make Blog Post

May 25, 2011

Internet Geek-rocker Jonathan Coulton (hereafter often referred to as “JoCo” because apparently neither he, his die-hard fans, nor I really enjoy repeatedly typing “Jonathan Coulton”) was recently interviewed by NPR’s “Planet Money” podcast/radio show, and he blogged about it. First, he kinda seemed a little hurt that they comapred him to a “snuggie” – you […]


Shut Up and Let Me…Buy This?

Jan 30, 2009

Based on my iTunes pruchase history, I fear that my pirmary source for new music is…iPod commercials.   Hm.


I blame Dan

Jan 4, 2006
I've just recorded so many vocal overdubs on this new track, tentatively titled "Choir", I've run out of audio tracks in Logic. Sure, I could configure it to add more, but at this point, it's just overkill. I've always wanted to write a big, big rock-opera-esque song. Yes, this has guitars in it, but it's [...]

Back in the studio once more

Dec 27, 2005
I spent a good chunk of the extended holiday weekend plugged into the studio. This is both good and bad. Good, because I got some work done. Bad, because I'm becoming exceptionally dissatisfied with my vocals. I've got one track - a big, electro-rock anthem kind of thing - with a kickass huge singalong chorus, [...]

State of The Device, 10/21

Oct 21, 2005
Oh, right, the blogosphere beckons again. I've been alternating bouts of extreme productivity with bouts of severe writers block, often several in a week. This has led to more schizophrenic Null Device songriting. Somehow, though, in the end it'll all hang together. So what've we got so far? Well... A royksopp-ish electro-funk track A big, [...]

The doings and goings on

Sep 26, 2005
Hola amigos, been a while since I rapped at ya. Seriously through, I've been busy. Null Device things, non-null-device things, it's been crazy. A few things that've been accomplished on the ND front, though: Studio upgrades! New computer, new master keyboard, software upgrades. You can already har the difference in the new tracks. Work on [...]