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Audio Misogyny

Jul 10, 2014

sE Electronics, a maker of some often nice audio products, recently put an ad in Sound On Sound magazine for their new low-end condenser mic, the “Magneto.” Nothing too unusual about that. What was unusual was that the ad featured the torso of a nude woman, with the text of SOS’s previous review supposedly tattooed […]


Kickstarter Fatigue

Apr 1, 2013

Crowdsourcing for artists is steadily gaining traction. The infamous Ms. Palmer (of whom I have Opinions) had her big TED talk about it, that seemed to wow all the silicon valley types that attend those (and come as zero surprise to most artists, who’ve been couchsurfing, borrowing, and fan-funding stuff for eons). I admit, it’s […]


Code Monkey Make Blog Post

May 25, 2011

Internet Geek-rocker Jonathan Coulton (hereafter often referred to as “JoCo” because apparently neither he, his die-hard fans, nor I really enjoy repeatedly typing “Jonathan Coulton”) was recently interviewed by NPR’s “Planet Money” podcast/radio show, and he blogged about it. First, he kinda seemed a little hurt that they comapred him to a “snuggie” – you […]


Words of Advice for People About to Get Something Mastered

Apr 27, 2005
People rarely ask me what they should do when they're going to submit a demo/compilation/EP/album/whatever to get mastered. I've had plenty of discussions to this effect, though, with people who do this for a living, and they all end up saying pretty much the same thing. Here are a few simple admonitions for musicians young [...]

Yo, Mama.

Mar 28, 2005
This past Saturday was the second annual Madison Area Music Awards (MAMAs). Last year we were nominated in two categories and won neither. This year we were nominated in three and won two. I'm very proud. I do realize that in the grand scheme of things, a plastic trophy doesn't amount to a hill of [...]

The Burning Hatred for AllOfMp3.com

Mar 14, 2005
A recent court judgement has allowed allofmp3.com to stay in business. This is categorically a bad thing. "But Eric!" you say. "Aren't you a big supporter of digital distribution? Don't you even think Kazaa and Soulseek and those are kinda sorta okay?" Well, yes, I do, to an extent. I'm okay-ish with soulseek, because nobody's [...]

Laugh, dammit

Dec 6, 2004
This may come as a shock to no-one, and this may be a case of the last horse finally crossing the finish line, but I have recently developed a theory as to what is wrong with electronic music today. And by "what is wrong" I mean "why can't anybody seem to sell anything." It's a [...]

Electronic Music Review translation guide

Oct 12, 2004

Ever wonder how reviewers come up with things to say about an electronic album? Or how those blurbs on the sticker are written? Here’s a handy guide. Now you can write your own reviews! “ironic retro sound” == sounds like Human League circa 1982 “minimal arrangements” == boring “tongue-in-cheek humour” == the lyrics are embarassingly […]



Mar 18, 2004
Well. We're up in the final round for two Madison Area Music Awards - best artist electronic and best album electronic. This means I'm being invited to a gala celebration at the Orpheum. w00t!