Only You. And Everyone Else

We’re pleased to announce the release – slightly earlier than expected, but whatevs – of our version of Yazoo’s “Only You.”

All proceeds will be donated to Lambda Legal Defense, an LGBTQ+ advocacy group.

The Blinding Dark

Null Device is exceptionally excited to be performing with Covenant and Sweat Boys in April 5th, in La Crosse, WI. It’s at The Warehouse, too, a fairly legendary venue. So it’s kind of a double whammy there.

Tour Wrapup

That was fun. Well, that 15 hour drive straight home from Richmond, VA was a bit of a slog, especially with that thunderstorm outside pittsburgh, but…still. Overall. A good time. I’ve said it elsewhere, and I’ll say it again I’m sure: I am incredibly grateful to be doing this. I …

Fascists, Bound To Lose

A reminder. Null Device is firmly anti-fascist, anti-racist, and anti-white supremacist. We believe in the equality and inalienable rights of all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender and orientation. We recorded this cover of Woody Guthrie’s protest anthem a while back for a benefit, fighting the president’s travel ban. …

Mini Tour!

Null Device is hitting the road for the “Distorted Summer Nights” tour, with our friends and labelmates from Spider Lilies, Red Lokust, Boxed Warning and Tragic Impulse. 08/15/17 Columbus OH, The Shrunken Head 08/16/17 Pittsburgh, PA , Howler’s 08/17/17 Charlottesville, VA, The Ante Room 08/18/17 Richmond, VA, Fallout RVA