It begins…

I began upgrading my studio to OS X yesterday. I’m of course extremely nervous since most OS upgrades I’ve made have gone horribly wrong.

So far, so good. All my OS 9 stuff remains segregated so it’ll still run when I boot back into classic.

the Indeo Codec is not made for OS X, so most of Dr. G’s videos won’t work. I’ll have to boot into classic and translate them all so I can work with them.

Installing the Waves plugins was a pain in the ass. For some odd reaosn it really didn’t want to have anything to do with Audio Units until I de-installed and re-authorized everything.

The Logic 6.2.3 upgrade was a breeze.

The Kontakt 1.5 upgrade was a bit trikier, since I didn’t notice that they swicthed serial number formats. The authorizer says “get the serial from the manual” which I did, but it was in a differnet format and wouldn’t work. I checked the sales email for the upgrade and that had the new # in it. Whew.

Phatmatik installed like a breeze.

Battery was an easy one too.

Absynth…ohmygod does absynth2 sound cool. The granular warping is just…oh, oh oh man. However. v2 didn’t come with an AU plugin out of the box. So I tried to downlaod 2.04, which has the AU in it. NI’s download page won’t let me – says I have to register my product first. Well, I did register my product, and it still won’t let me. So I’m kinda pissed.

Got iMovie, iDVD and iTunes all running merrily. Need to reinstall Toast Plat though.

I’ve completely stripped down my plugins collection. I realized that of all the freeware synths and distortions and such, I use…well, none of them. Except for the DestroyFX stuff, pretty much everything I use is stock with Logic or a purchased product. I don’t need 18 cheap delay plugins. I don’t need 5 shitty compressors when I’ve got a few good ones. I don’t need a zillion analog emulators, since I’ve got a coupla nice hardware ones (and an actual analog synth to boot).

I still need to buy the upgrade to FM7, and it’ll be a few months before my favorite compressor plugins will be fully AU’ed. And it doesn’t look like PPG Wave 2.3V is gunna be AU anytime soon, so I’ll need to get the VST wrapper.

But still, I’m liking OS X a whole lot already. I’ll need to do a panther upgrade soon. And clean up my new system drive a bit too. I think another new hard drive might be in my future…