This past weekend we played Inferno’s 7th Anniversary gig. It was just us and a buncha DJs. Pretty fun.

It was also probably the first time we played a complete set. Every past show has had a set truncated due to time constraints or such. We got to play it all, although we’ve swapped out “There is a Light” for “Wicked Game” which seems to go over better (and is better-arranged).

Crowd was great, really into it, and we put on probably one of our better performances. At least, it was one of the more comfortable performances. A few technical glitches early on, but we got by. Dan was in the zone as usual, being Mr. Punk Energy, Chuck was his usual zen-bassist self, and some of the new things we tried worked really well. Chuck’s new bass part for Electrifed helps the song a lot.

Some friends all conspired to throw women’s underwear at me during the show. Big, ugly underwear. With “I [heart] Null Device” written on it in sharpie. Smartasses.

Also, the folk from our labelmates Blind Faith and Envy were there, which was most goodly.