Deep in the bowels of geekery

The long road to OS X compatibility is almost at an end. Okay, sure, I had to buy the VST->AU wrapper in order to get some of the sluggish developers’ software to work, but as far as it goes, that’s the least of my problems.

Recent discoveries:
PSP’s entire Mixpack is very cool. I used to have just MixPressor, which was my favorite compressor (depsite the butt-ugly UI) but the addition of Mixsaturator has been very nice. I need to get the OS X version of VintageWarmer because it’s a damn fine multiband limiter at heart.

Elemental’s Eqium and Firium are sweeeeeet. Firium is a steal at the price – a learning, completely linear-phase EQ for $149? Hell, It’s got a lot more bands than Waves LinEQ and it’s about half the price. And there’s a logic-user-group group buy so I can get it reaaaal cheap.

Novation V-Station sounds awesome but is a total processor hog.

I’ve managed to crash Logic a few times now. But the nice thing about OSX is that I don’t need to reboot my machine when it happens. What I *do* need to do is figure out why I crashed it.

OS X audio is slightly slower than OS9 was, but doesn’t freak out on me as often. My system doesn’t lock up and drop al USB communication when I do too much audio processing. I’m hoping 10.3 addresses the speed issue. It’s not too bad, though.

So, yeah, I’m diggin it.