Setback, part 2.

Well, after drying, cleaning, testing, plugging, unplugging, racking, reracking, and a large purchase of replacement gear, Null Device is back in approximate business.

On the upside, Chuck4 got the effects pedals working again. It’s a miracle. The DI flaked out a bit but it’s back in business as well, as far as I can tell.

Unfortunately, Dan’s guitar sustained heavy damage, as did the DVD player, ebow, and a few miscellaneous bits and things. The power amp seems a little worse for wear, too.

I’ve learned a few things that I feel I should share with other musicians:
Yes, it’ll cost money to do so, but I’d rather pay $30 a year to know that I can replace everything in the case of damage or theft than suddenly find myself paying hefty gear replacement bills. I’d also recommend flood insurnace for anyone not living on the second floor or on a hill. It’s amazing what insurance won’t cover unless you specifically ask for it.

At any rate, we’re humming again and will still be playing our upcoming shows.