Saturday II: Naps, detours, and bulletproof glass

After a stop in Chicago to retreive some Stromkern-related material, we hit the road and decided to grab some lunch in Indiana. Where we ended up was quite possibly the most ghetto Subway east of chicago. Heavy bulletproof glass, gunfire in the distance, nervous-looking staff…

We grabbed our food and left quickly. Well, as quickly as possible considering all 9 of us had to wait in line behind someone who was bringing in her office’s lunch order. Then construction on the freeway slowed us down for a long while. Everyone in the back fell asleep. Then Ned took a turn and when I woke up we were somewhere in central Michigan and Ned was not a happy camper. While scenic – certainly moreso than our intended route though Indiana – it took us about an hour out of our way. Oops. We ended up near Kalamazoo before we got back in the right direction.

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