Saturday, I

Waking up too damn early isn’t always fun. Wouldn’t be so bad, if I had gone to bed at a reasonable hour. Ned rolled in at about 11:30, Lisa Q much much later, after some issues with the van and such. Those issues, specifically being that the guy (Bart) in charge of getting the van didn’t get back from somewhere else until way late.

But we’ve got a van. And a trailer. We’ve got space in the van for people. It’ll work.

Ned’s slightly annoyed becasue he got the wrong proportions of merch…hardly any CDs and a mess of tshirts. Well, that’s what we hgave too, but then our shirts are doing double-duty as packing peanuts for some of the gear.

HAd breakfast at Perkins with William and Dan, grabbed some last-minute cash and supplies, packed up the van, and hit the road.

The van smells kinda funky. We think the last band to use it was rather sweaty. And fond of cheap aftershave. The jokes about “van-funk” have already started.